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5.3. Database Connection Error During Installation

Error Description:

HelpSpot can not connect to the database. Please check your database settings in the .env file.


.env File is not configured correctly

This error could be caused by having improper information in your .env configuration file. The follow variables need the correct values before the installer can continue:

DB_CONNECTION - one of mysql or sqlsrv.
DB_HOST - The hostname or ip of your database server
DB_PORT - For SQL Server the default for this is 1433. For mysql the default port is 3306.
DB_DATABASE - This is the name of your HelpSpot database. This database needs to be created prior to starting the HelpSpot installation.
DB_USERNAME - The username to use when connecting to the database. This user needs to be configured with full rights to the DB_DATABASE defined.
DB_PASSWORD - The password for the DB_USERNAME defined.

Firewall Configuration

Configured firewalls may block connections to your database server if you are using an external database server. A good way to test connectivity is to telnet to the DB_HOST and DB_PORT you have defined.

telnet my.db.server.com 3306

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