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7.3. Using Zapier to Create HelpSpot Tickets Directly from Slack

If you're a HelpSpot user who wants to streamline the ticket creation process, Zapier can help you create HelpSpot tickets directly from Slack. Here's how:

Get an API key from HelpSpot

To start, you need to get an API key from HelpSpot. To do this, go to your user profile, scroll down to api authentication tokens, enter a name for your API token, then click ‘Issue New Token’. Make sure to copy your API token to a safe place!

Create a Slack App

Next, go to api.slack.com/apps, click Create an App, enter a name for your app, and select the correct Slack account where you want to use the new Slack bot.

Add Slash Commands to Your App

Slack will then show some options to add features to your app.

You can add bot users, interactive messages, and more—but each of those requires coding. Instead, select the Slash Commands button.

Click Create New Command. Add a command with a slash in front of it - in this case, you might want to call it /helpspot or /ticket or /help.

You’ll also need to fill in the Request URL, which we’re going to grab from Zapier.

Create a Zap in Zapier

Head over to Zapier and make a new Zap using Zapier’s Webhooks app, and for Event choose ‘Catch Hook’.

Click Continue, and Zapier will ask you if you want to Pick off a Child Key - just ignore this field and select ‘Continue’.

Zapier will give you a webhook URL, which you’re going want to copy.

Add the Webhook URL to Your Slack App

Head back over to the Slack App setup and paste your webhook URL.

Make sure you save your settings, then in Slack do a test of your new Slash command - if you chose /ticket, you’d write something like /ticket I need help with my printer. Nothing will happen once you do that, but that’s okay - we’ll deal with that later.

Add Actions to Your Zap

Head back to Zapier and in order to create a ticket, add two actions to this Zap in Zapier.

First, add the Slack Action and under Event select ‘Find User by Username’. This will allow us to query the name & email address of the user who’s submitting the ticket in HelpSpot.

Then add a HelpSpot Action and under Event select ‘Create a New Request’. If this is your first time setting up HelpSpot in Zapier, you’ll need the URL of your workspace AND the API token we created earlier in HelpSpot.

Copy those two pieces of information over and you should be able to connect HelpSpot & Zapier.

Set Up Action

Under Set Up Action, look under Step 1 (Catch Hook in Webhooks) and look for the Text from the original webhook. It should say ‘I need help with my printer’, if you use the example we gave earlier.

Then scroll down and under First Name, Last Name, and Email fields, look for that information in what’s returned by Step 2 of the Zap.

Once that’s done, hit Continue, and then go ahead and test your action.

Wrapping Up

Log into HelpSpot, and if all is well, you should see a new ticket in HelpSpot that has the correct first name, last name, email, and whatever you typed in Slack to create the ticket.

Once everything is good to go, publish your Zap and you should now be able to 

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