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9.1. AI Action Prompt Usage

HelpSpot AI action prompts allow you to perform AI tasks on text in the request not editor and in the knowledge book editor. The action prompts that are available in your system are determined by your HelpSpot Administrator.

Action prompts can be accessed in two different ways.

  1. Typing an exclamation point (!) immediately followed by part of the name of the action prompt will allow you to autocomplete and trigger the action:
  2. You can also browse the available action prompts from the top of the WYSIWYG editor under the HelpSpot AI menu.

AI action prompts can be applied to all of the text in the editor or to a selection. If you want to apply an AI action prompt to a selection of text first select the text and then select the prompt from the menu. The {{ input.text }} placeholder will only include the text selection in this case.

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