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10.15. Audit Log

Introduction to the Audit Log

The Audit Log feature, which was introduced in HelpSpot version 5.4.8, allows administrators to track and log important changes and activities in one centralized location. This simplifies the process of monitoring changes and ensures that an accurate record of all changes is maintained.

What is Logged in the Audit Log

The Audit Log tracks a variety of changes made within the system. These include:

The Audit Log can be scoped by date and filtered by various parameters like user name, what was altered, the action taken, and the corresponding IP address. Once the Audit Log has been filtered, you can even download the Audit Log as a CSV file.

The Audit Log is turned on by default but can be turned off by going to Admin -> Settings -> System.  You can also change the retention settings for the Audit Log; the default setting is 90 days, but you can select as few as 30 days or as many as 730 days (2 years).



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