Customer Tools

HelpSpot Customer Tools allow for the export and deletion of customer data.


The export option in the customer tools will export all requests details and public notes as well as public attachments for the entered customer email address. This export is generated as a zip file that can be downloaded and sent to the customer.


Customer information deletion has a few more options as it can be used with GDPR requests, purging passwords, PHI, and payment information that accidentally makes its way into HelpSpot. All of the deletions done through this screen are permanent so it is important to make sure that you select the right data to delete.

Customer information can be deleted at the individual request note level. Request note IDs can be retrieved by using the request note menu next to each note . When you delete a request note that individual note along with any attachments in that note will be deleted from HelpSpot.

Moving one level up. An entire request ID can be deleted from HelpSpot by providing the request id. All notes, history events and attachments will be deleted in this case.

Finally, customer information can be deleted based on Customer ID or Customer Email address. This will delete all requests and attachments found for this customer in HelpSpot. 

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