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13.4. Delete SPAM Without Training Filter

Some customers have very high SPAM counts and cannot delete it all conveniently via the web interface. They no longer need to train the SPAM filter with every SPAM since it's already catching them.

This script will delete all references to any requests currently marked as SPAM without training the SPAM filter. This is a destructive script. It will permanently delete requests and if any real requests are accidentally marked as SPAM when this script runs they will also be deleted.

Instructions for V4 and above

  1. Follow these instructions to access the helpspot command line tool
  2. Use the command: php hs request:delete-spam

Instructions for V3.2.12 and below

  1. Download the delete_spam.php script below
  2. Place the script on your server. It's recommended you run it from the command line and place the script outside the web root so that outsiders cannot run it
  3. Make sure the 2 includes() at the top of the file have the correct paths to the files they're including
  4. Run the script, usually something like: /usr/local/bin/php -f /path/to/delete_spam.php


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