Hidden Settings

Several settings are available in HelpSpot that are not part of the user interface in the admin area. These settings are advanced and should only be used if you know they are needed.

Config.php Settings

  • Secure MySQL Connections - Some MySQL setups, especially on remote servers, require a secure client connection. Adding the line below to you config.php file will force HelpSpot to connect securely. Should be used only if you know it's necessary.


  • Additional SMTP Security Settings (Version 4.6+) — Some SMTP connections require a specific version of TLS in order to connection properly. Adding this setting will enable additional options on the SMTP setup screens in the admin area.

    define('cEXTRASECURITYOPTIONS', true);

HS_Settings Table

In the HS_Settings table, the items below relate to rows in the sSetting column. Updating the tValue column in rows where sSetting matches the values described below.

  • cHD_BAYESIAN_PROB_SPAM and cHD_PORTAL_BAYESIAN_PROB_SPAM - The probability value an email or portal post must be above to be considered spam.
  • cHD_LIVEREFRESH_TIME - How often in seconds the Live Refresh of the Workspace refreshes the filter currently being viewed.
  • cHD_SAVE_DRAFTS_EVERY - How often in seconds to save drafts of requests notes while on the request screen.
  • cHD_IMAGE_THUMB_SIZE - Size in pixels of image thumbnails created for the request history.
  • cHD_DISABLESHORTCUTS - Change to 1 to disable shortcut commands from being replaced in notes (these are r: k: f: which create shortcuts to requests, KB's and forums respectively)
  • cHD_IMAGE_THUMB_MAXBYTES - The number of bytes an image can be before HelpSpot will stop attempting to create a thumbnail version of the image in the request history.
  • cHD_TAKEIT_DOCHECK - The "Take It" button column in filters by default will check to see if a request is already assigned and if it is, show an error not allowing the clicking user to take the request. This setting allows a change in this behavior where the clicking user will always be assigned the request, no check will be done.
  • cHD_SAVE_LAST_SEARCH - The number of seconds a search done in the search tab is saved for so that when you return it's still there ready to be modified. Defaults to 1200 seconds (20 minutes).
  • cHD_FILTER_COUNT_CACHE - The number of seconds to cache the counts for each filter on the workspace screen. Defaults to 300 (5 minutes). Lowering this value is not recommended. If you need to exclude a particular filter from the cache that can be done under the advanced options for that filter.
  • cFORCE_MERGE_LOCKING - (MySQL ONLY) - force the database to lock all request related tables while merging requests. You should only enable this if you have a good performing server stack for HelpSpot (and plan to keep it that way as HelpSpot grows). If you're on shared hosting or running a large installation on a small server configuration turning this on can cause performance issues due to database contention.
  • cHD_DISABLE_GRAVATAR - Disable gravatar images and always fall back to the default supplied by HelpSpot.
  • cHD_MAX_REQUEST_HISTORY  Set the max number of request history entries that is allowed for any one request. Default is 1500.

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