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13.6. Redirect HTTP Requests to HTTPS


Note you must have an SSL certificate properly installed and https bindings set up properly in IIS before completing these steps. In addition be sure to edit the APP_URL variable in your .env configuration file for HelpSpot to reflect the https:// url. 

  1. Install the rewrite module in IIS following these directions http://www.iis.net/downloads/microsoft/url-rewrite
  2. Open the IIS Manager and navigate to the site that your helpspot instance is installed on.
  3. Select URL Rewrite and add a new rule.
  4. For the pattern to match input the regular expression.*
  5. Add a new condition that checks if {HTTPS} is off

  1. For the action choose to redirect to https://{HTTP_HOST}/{R:0}

You site should now redirect urls that are http:// to https://

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