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13.7. Trigger-Based Auto-Replies

Although not a part of the New Request Loop Protection settings, Trigger-based Auto-Replies can be set up to automatically reply to customers when a request is created, so the auto-replies only get sent for new incoming requests which don't contain the Request ID appended to the subject line. The advantage of trigger-based auto-replies is that you can add extra conditions to enhance functionality. 

For example, you could define two triggers to send different auto-reply text to customers contacting you via two different Email Mailboxes. You can also add conditions to the triggers which exclude sending auto-replies to inbound new messages from senders containg "noreply" or "no-reply" in the email address. You can even set up a separate trigger to immediately trash incoming requests received from "noreply" or other specific email accounts.

Things to keep in mind if electing to create trigger-based auto-replies:

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