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10.5. Status Types

HelpSpot offers the flexibility of creating customized status type which are typically used to denote the current progress made on a request.

By default, HelpSpot provides 5 status types. These can be edited or set to inactive and replaced by those created by an Administrator. To add a status type, Administrators simply type the name of the status in the Add a New Status box. Hitting Save at the bottom of the Settings page will create the status and set it as active.


While the use of status is required, it's important to note that the status must be changed to something other than Active to close a request.

Status Types in Use

Beyond using as an indicator of where on the continuum of resolution an issue sits, Administrators may opt to have status serve as milestones in a process to resolution. When status types are used as milestones, they can be coupled with automation/mail rules or even filters to create specific workflows.

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