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10.4. Maintenance Mode

Maintenance mode allows Administrators to suspends the creation and updating of requests while upgrades or other maintenance is being completed.

Maintenance mode suspends:

To put the installation in maintenance mode, Administrators must click the Enable Maintenance Mode button. Immediately the maintenance page will be presented to all attempting to access HelpSpot or the portal. Only Administrators have the ability to disable using the disable button on the maintenance page presented to Users (as shown below).


Maintenance Mode for Users

Below shows the maintenance page as presented to Users attempting to access HelpSpot. During maintenance mode, Users will not be able to log into HelpSpot.


Customizing Maintenance Mode for Portal

HelpSpot will display the default message, as shown below, to customers attempting to access the portal while the site is in maintenance mode.



However, Administrators can customize this message by editing the appropriate portal template (maintenance.tpl.php).

For details on how to customize portal templates, see the Portal Template chapter referenced below.

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