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7.1. Concept and Contents

The request page is the Customer email, portal form submission, or phoned-in inquiry translated into a request; it's the core of individual inquiry/request management. From here, Staff can reply to the Customer, add meta-data, categorize, and assign the request.

The request page is accessible only for those with a HelpSpot account. The primary ways Users will access the request page include:

Navigating Requests within a Filtered View

When a filtered view (including inbox and workspace) has more than one request, Users can easily navigate between requests through the use of the next and previous buttons in the top right of the request page. This eliminates the need to go back to the workspace to enter the next request.

Request Page Layout

For the purposes of understanding functionality, the request page can be divided into 5 main areas.

  1. Customer Details
  2. Time Tracker (if enabled)
  3. Request Note
  4. Request History
  5. Request Details

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