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7.2. Customer Details

For every request, HelpSpot provides fields for logging Customer-specific information.

HelpSpot will automatically populate as much information as possible for requests initiated via the portal form or an email. For requests manually entered by Staff, the Staff member must enter the Customer information as part of the request creation process.

History Search

Within the History Search tab, Users can see all open requests for that customer. Searches default to General, however it can be quickly adjust to search on such parameters as domain name or Customer ID. Upon clicking the Customer ID for any request, you see a preview of the request with the option to insert customer data in the current request.

Live Look Up

Live lookup allows HelpSpot to communicate with an external database (or other system that stores Customer data, pertinent to the support staff desk). Its power is it provides real-time display of data from external systems within HelpSpot, ensuring Customer information and custom field data is always accurate. For information on configuring Live Look Up, see the Administrators Manual.


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