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12.3. Submitting and Checking Requests

Submitting a Request: the Request Form

Using the link on the left navigation, Users can submit a request.

By default HelpSpot requests a simple problem description. Administrators can change the request description boxes to a three areas: what I did, what I expected to happen, and what actually happened.

Some installations may create custom fields and/or categories that they wish to make public to enable request workflow or capture additional information directly from the Customer.

To help reduce SPAM, captcha can be turned on by administrators.

Check and Update Requests

Customers can use the Check on a Request link, within the left navigation, to check on and update requests. Customers must provide the request access key, which is provided by default in the emails Customers receive, to see a specific request.

For the quickest and easiest access to all their requests, Customers should login into the portal using their email address (one provided when submitting requests) and password. If the customer has never submitted a request they can create a new account.

Passwords can be retrieved via the forgot password link. Once logged in, Customers will see a list of all requests they have (opened and closed) as well as the option to change their password for future login.

Just below all public update entries and the initial request, Customers will find an open text field where additional updates.


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