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Public books are highlighted in four areas within the portal:

  • The portal homepage lists the knowledge book pages editors highlighted during the creation process.
  • On the portal homepage, those pages voted most helpful.
  • The left navigation will list all public knowledge books.
  • Searching can be done within knowledge books.

Once a knowledge book title has been clicked, readers are brought to the table of contents, which includes all live chapters/pages with editor-specified pages highlighted for the reader, if applicable.

Clicking on a page title will bring readers directly to the page content. Readers can vote on the helpfulness of a page. An aggregation of the most helpful pages from all public books is listed on the homepage.


Public forums are highlighted in three areas within the portal:

  • The portal homepage includes a list of the most recent topics (public forums).
  • The left navigation lists all public forums.
  • Searching can be done within forums.

Clicking on a forum title from the homepage will bring readers to the list of topics within that forum.

From the forum's topic list, readers can click into any of the existing topics to read/reply or opt to create a new topic.

After the initial post by a reader, the name, email and website they provide is remembered to allow subsequent posts to go quickly.


Clicking the topic title will bring readers to the list of posts on the topic.

From here, readers can do the following:

  • Read the initial post and replies
  • Email those that posted
  • Post a response
  • Opt to subscribe to replies

When replying to a post, the only required fields are message and name. The exception is when a reader opts to subscribe to replies; in these instances an email address must be provided.


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