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5.11. Email Template Tags Reference

Email templates can process a variety of template tags. These tags can be typed directly into the template or they can be selected from the tag selector dropdown below the template editor box. Below is a reference to all the available tags. See the Email Templates document for more information on how to edit email templates. The tags below are available for the current version of HelpSpot. Note that HelpSpot versions less than 5.0.0 use a different syntax.

{{ $requestcheckurl }} The URL to check the request.
{{ $accesskey }} Access key. This is the key that is used by a customer to access tickets in the portal. 
{{ $message }} The note body of the current note.
{{ $fullpublichistoryex }} Outputs the full public history of notes not including the current note.
{{ $fullpublichistory }} Outputs the full public history of notes including the current note.
{{ $lastcustomernote }} Outputs the last note by the customer.
{{ $requestid }} The Request ID generated by HelpSpot for this request.
{{ $replyabove }} This outputs the "Reply Above" Text that is defined in the Replay Above template.
{{ $portal_email }} The email address the customer can use to login to the portal to view their request.
{{ $portal_password }} The password the customer can use to login to the portal to view their request.
{{ $customerfirst }} Customer first name
{{ $customerlast }} Customer last name
{{ $customerid }} Customer ID
{{ $customeremail }} Customer email
{{ $customerphone }} Customer phone
{{ $status }} The current status of the request.
{{ $category }} The category assigned to the request.
{{ $urgent }} Returns if the request is marked as urgent.
{{ $open_closed }} Returns if the ticket is currently open or closed.
{{ $date_opened }} Date Opened
{{ $date_now }} The current date/time
{{ $assigned_first }} Assigned staff member: first name
{{ $assigned_last }} Assigned staff member: last name
{{ $assigned_email }} Assigned staff member: email
{{ $assigned_phone }} Assigned staff member: phone
{{ $logged_in_first }} Logged in staff member: first name
{{ $logged_in_last }} Logged in staff member: last name
{{ $logged_in_email }} Logged in staff member: email
{{ $logged_in_phone }} Logged in staff member: phone
{{ $subject }} Original mail subject line
{{ $initialrequest }} This returns the initial (first) request note.
{{ $orgname }} The organization name for the helpspot instance as defined in the Admin area.
{{ $helpdeskurl }} Help Desk URL
{{ $requestformurl }} Request Form URL
{{ $requestcheckurl }} Request Check URL
{{ $knowledgebookurl }} Knowledge Book URL
{{ $custom1 }} Each custom field can be referenced by it's ID in the format "{{ $CustomID }}" where ID is the actual ID number.
@if ($customerid == 12938)
    Company A
@elseif ($customerid == 12938)
    Company B
    Unknown Company
Conditional statements can be structured as demonstrated to the left. You may construct if statements using the @if, @elseif, @else, and @endif directives. 

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