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5.10. Email Templates

Customizing Email Templates

The default email templates can be customized by navigating to Admin > Customize > Email Templates. Each template can be both edited and viewed from this page. Once edits have been made, be sure to save them with the save button at the bottom of the page. Email templates can be formatted with html and can include template tags. These can be selected from the dropdown or typed into the editor.

Most templates contain three separate tabs, HTML, Text, and Subject. The HTML template will send for those that can receive HTML emails. The text version is a plain text version of the same email for those that do not accept HTML email. When editing make sure to update both of these tabs. The subject tab allows you to adjust the subject line of the email. You can also use template tags in this area to personalize the subject line.

Per Mailbox Templates

Email templates can also be specified at the Mailbox level for Auto Reply, Public Notes to Customer, External Notes and Requests Created by Portal Form. These settings can be found in Admin > Email Mailboxes. Once a mailbox is selected the templates can be edited at the bottom of the mailbox's setup page.

When defined, these templates will override the default templates that are set up in the Email Templates page. The "Request Created by Portal Form" template will only override the main template only if the mailbox is defined as the "Send Emails From" mailbox for a secondary portal. 

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