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5.12. Custom Pages

Custom pages allow you to add navigation/pages to HelpSpot's workspace. They're useful for adding content which is protected by HelpSpot's authentication. The uses are practically limitless, here's a few ideas:
  • A page simply listing links to other help desk resources elsewhere for staff
  • A report from an external system
  • A redirect to an external system
  • A page for AJAX based tools

Naming and Location

Custom pages are located in the custom_pages directory in your HelpSpot application server. To access custom pages on HelpSpot Cloud please contact customer service. Sample page is provided in that directory.

Naming Convention

  • Letters, numbers, underscores and dashes only (no spaces)
  • Must end in .php
  • Navigation link will show underscores as spaces and capitalize the first letter of each word


Custom pages do not have access to HelpSpot's PHP functions, however, they can make use of jQuery and HelpSpot's CSS.


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