Mailbox Setup - Office 365

Please note, before beginning that IMAP must be enabled for the Office 365 Mailbox you want to connect to HelpSpot. This can be done via the Exchange Online Remote Powershell ( or via the web based exchange admin tools. Once your mailbox is setup properly:

  1. Login to HelpSpot as an Administrator.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Email Mailboxes
  3. Enter your account information. The non-account specific information is as follows: 
    Account Type: IMAPS 
    Port: 993 
    Security Type: SSL no-validate
  4. Test your mailbox settings to make sure that your inbound connection is successful
  5. Next select Custom for the Outgoing Email SMTP Settings to use
  6. The non-account specific connection information for SMTP is as follows: 
    SMTP Security Protocol: TLS 
    SMTP Host:
    SMTP Port: 587 
    Use SMTP Authentication: Yes 


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