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1.2. Mailbox Setup - Google G Suite and Gmail Email Configuration

Google G Suite and Gmail Email Connections are now configured using the mail authentication flow instead of traditional IMAP and SMTP sending settings. Google Suite email is received and sent via Google's API using oAUTH authentication. 

If you are migrating from existing IMAP and SMTP connections for your mailboxes, we recommend first disabling your old mailbox, then following the steps below to create a new mailbox connection.

Connecting an Google Suite Mailbox

Before beginning this process make sure that your browser is signed into the Google Suite mailbox that you wish to integrate with HelpSpot.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Email Mailboxes
  2. Select "Google" from the menu

  3. Next enter the Reply to Email Account This is the email address that maps to this box ie: support@mydomain.com
  4. Click on the link to the HelpSpot email authentication service
  5. This will open a new tab. Select Sign in with Google.

  6. Make sure that the email account listed on the permissions confirmation screen is the one that you want to integrate with HelpSpot. Also ensure that the bottom two checkboxes are checked if provided.

  7. Next copy your credentials from the screen displayed.

  8. Enter the credentials provided back in your HelpSpot mailbox setup screen.

  9. Set any other options as desired and then select "Add Mailbox" at the bottom.
  10. If you are setting up your default mailbox you will also want to got to Admin > Settings > Email Integration and select your new mailbox as the default sending option.

Your Google Suite / Gmail mailbox is now connected to HelpSpot.

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