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3.2. Google Suite SAML Authentication

Make sure the staff configured within HelpSpot have a " setup matching their email addresses in their HelpSpot staff profiles.

You also may want to enable SAML Debugging before enabling SAML for the first time.

Within Google admin for your organization:

  1. Head into the menu > Apps > SAML Apps
  2. Click the blue Add a service/app to your domain link.
  3. Choose "setup my own custom app".
  4. Copy the Google IdP information, and download the certificate (https://d.pr/i/OGcx0h). We will use this in HelpSpot under Admin > Settings > Authentication.
  5. Add the Basic Information for your application (the name and description is arbitrary) (https://d.pr/i/NHTMOu)
  6. Add the IdP information from the HelpSpot Admin > Settings > Authentication section into the Gsuite admin (https://d.pr/i/duEPpx)
  7. Click "Next" to skip attribute mapping (https://d.pr/i/PFkLjS)
  8. Close the confirmation window telling you to "upload" the SAML information, and be sure to add the info from step 6 if you have not done so.
  9. Choose "User Access" to enable users from a domain to use the SAML application (https://d.pr/i/R9gAuq)
    • It defaults to being "OFF for everyone"
  10. It should then be "ON for everyone" (or similar) (https://d.pr/i/SRSJS2)
  11. In HelpSpot navigate to Admin > Settings > Authentication.
  12. Select SAML authentication and enter the Entity ID, SSO URL and copy the certificate contents into the HelpSpot settings.

SAML should then function within HelpSpot.

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