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3.2. Google Suite SAML Authentication

Here's the flow in pictures.

Make sure the staff configured within HelpSpot have a username setup matching their Gsuite usernames (email addresses).

Within Google admin for your organization:

  1. Head into the menu > Apps > SAML Apps
  2. Click the blue Add a service/app to your domain link.
  3. Choose "setup my own custom app".
  4. Copy the Google IdP information, and download the certificate (https://d.pr/i/OGcx0h). We will use this in HelpSpot under Admin > Settings > Authentication.
  5. Add the Basic Information for your application (the name and description is arbitrary) (https://d.pr/i/NHTMOu)
  6. Add the IdP information from the HelpSpot Admin > Settings > Authentication section into the Gsuite admin (https://d.pr/i/duEPpx)
  7. Click "Next" to skip attribute mapping (https://d.pr/i/PFkLjS)
  8. Close the confirmation window telling you to "upload" the SAML information, and be sure to add the info from step 6 if you have not done so.
  9. Choose "User Access" to enable users from a domain to use the SAML application (https://d.pr/i/R9gAuq)
    • It defaults to being "OFF for everyone"
  10. It should then be "ON for everyone" (or similar) (https://d.pr/i/SRSJS2)
  11. In HelpSpot navigate to Admin > Settings > Authentication.
  12. Select SAML authentication and enter the Entity ID, SSO URL and copy the certificate contents into the HelpSpot settings.

SAML should then function within HelpSpot.

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