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10.11. Email Mailboxes

Mailbox Settings

Admin > Email Mailboxes

Mailboxes are how HelpSpot imports new emails from customers and converts them into requests or request updates. A mailbox in Helpspot establishes a POP3 or IMAP connection with the mailbox on your email server. It then imports messages found in the inbox and processes them for inclusion in Helpspot.

Account Name —Name shown in emails sent from this account. You can use placeholders in this field to dynamically insert data like the acting agent's name.

Account Name — The email account that maps to this box ie: support@mydomain.com.

Mailbox — Normally INBOX but can be any folder within the account. This can be used to retrieve email from a different IMAP folder if desired.

Archive Mail — With this enabled mail will be moved to a "helpspot_archive_folder" instead of deleting the email. This only works with imap. Note: HelpSpot deletes emails from the mailbox if this is disabled.

Host Name — This is the hostname of the IMAP or POP3 server you wish to retrieve email from. You will obtain this information from your email provider.

Username — The username used for IMAP or POP3 authentication.

Password — The password used for IMAP or POP3 authentication.

Account Type — The protocol of the account your are connecting to. Options are:

Port — The port that you wish to establish a connection with your email server on. Usually 110 for POP3, 143 - IMAP, 995 - POP3S, 993 - IMAPS

Security Type — If you are establishing a secure connection you will need to select the correct security type for your email provider.

Default Category — Email to this mailbox will automatically be assigned to the selected category.

Enable Auto Reply — This setting will send an automatic reply to a customer when they create a new request through this mailbox.

SMTP Setting to Use — You can set this to use the system default settings that are found in Admin > Settings > Email Integration or you can specify custom settings here. This is especially important if your SMTP provider requires that the reply-to address match the sending account credentials.

Email Templates —Templates here will override versions found in system email templates (Admin > Customize > Email Templates) when emails are sent from this mailbox. If you do not specify a custom template the default will be used.



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